chased by angels
I'm Sarah/Saz. I like arty things. I love spending time with my friends. Music is my oxygen.
— Taylor Swift - Mine

as predicted laptop = major fail. it’s in for repair AGAIN,  I’d only had it back 8 days :(

I’m not sure many people would expect me to like this BUT…. I freakin’ love Diana Ross.

Having seen them live at Croke Park I can’t help but find them entertaining


For once I was SO organised I knew roughly what I was going to put for most days of the 30 music thaaang and my laptop goes and dies on me. What a douche!! I have it back now, so I was gonna catch up but I realised I’d be up to Day 28. I’ve decided I’m just gonna carry on from where I’m up to for now… the laptop maybe be back, but it’s broken again so we’ll see how much longer this lasts :(

If you wanna spice up your life have a curry.

Lostprophets have been my favourite band ever since I heard Burn, Burn all those years ago. This is one of my new faves…

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE John Mayer but for some reason Free Fallin’ has the ability to make me fall asleep if I’m trying to get to sleep! I think I just find his voice soothing…

Rob Pattinson’s Never Think is also another song that I put on if I wanna zzzZZZzzzZZZzzz

Timbaland – Bounce (Step Up 2 Remix). Tbh anything from Step Up 2 makes me want to dance, but LOVE this song.

I pretty much forced myself to remember this song. The lyrics are just beautiful. I wish someone would sing this to me.